Live Data Streaming for iGaming Software Developers
Need to improve the user experience of your iGaming applications? Get rid of inefficient polling architectures and choose the leader in Real-Time Messaging.
As a result of the growing demand of mobile and the increasing number of players with ever-rising service expectations, casino and betting applications based on traditional data delivery models (e.g., polling) no longer offer the scalability, speed, and performance needed today to guarantee a competitive product.
Empower any iGaming applications with a reactive user experience!
Real-Time Bi-Directional Data Streaming
Push live odds changes, games data, instant notifications, and chat messages to and from any web, desktop, mobile, or tablet applications.
Cost-Effective Infrastructure and Bandwidth Requirements
Reduce launch time and operating costs in servicing any size and kind of online gaming platforms.
Scalable Up to Millions of Concurrent Users
Lightstreamer can help any platform supporting an higher number of users, simplifying and optimizing the data transmission architecture.
A Broad Set of Client APIs
Including HTML5, JavaScript, Flash, iOS, Android, WinPhone, Flex, Silverlight, Java, and .NET.
Who Can Benefit From Lightstreamer?
Companies in the online gambling industry using Lightstreamer include: Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment, The Hong Kong Jockey Club, Wirex, and many others.
Online Casino Game Developers
Lightstreamer can manage the entire data transmission system of mobile, web, and desktop casino applications, including roulette poker, blackjack, bingo and others. Add new features easily, reduce the market time, get new players, and let Lightstreamer do the hard work, forgetting about scalability issues.
Live Casino Platform Providers
Lightstreamer can be integrated in any live casino platform and make the game more fluid and immediate, thus guaranteeing a proper 'reality effect' and synchronizing real-time data and video.
Live Betting Software Suppliers
When a high number of odds are updated and a high number of punters are connected, Lightstreamer's real-time data efficiency and updated information are the key to keep the system reactive and avoid players' frustration, even on unreliable mobile connections.
Betting Exchange Marketplaces
Lightstreamer can handle a huge number of operators and transactions on any device, making any betting marketplace reactive, even in handling peak demands swiftly. Operators can focus on customers' expectations and service rather than system scalability, performance, and speed.
Case Studies, which has millions of customers worldwide and pro forma net revenue of €609.4 million in 2013, deployed Lightstreamer in its online poker, casino, and bingo product verticals.

"Lightstreamer was the clear scalable solution to handle the complex real-time data communication required by our state-of-the-art gaming products," said Tod Martin,'s Group Technology Director. "We are confident the Lightstreamer solution will provide the highest quality gaming experience for our customers."
Wirex signed a partnership with Lightstreamer to empower its live casino platforms with bi-directional data push (see it in action!).

"After several months of use, we can state that Lightstreamer has been a winning choice, helping us to simplify the overall software architecture for real-time data transfers," said Alessandro Negro, CTO at Wirex. "We managed to release a sturdy, Lightstreamer powered iGaming application in a truly short time, as everything worked like a charm since the beginning."