Real-time Data for Second Screen and Social Apps
Improve Second Screen, Social TV, and Media applications with a world-class real-time data streaming engine.
Online communities, news media, and social networks have become widespread meeting places where people can interact, be informed, and share thoughts and emotions. Second screen and companion apps are now a stable presence when TV events (e.g., sports, talent shows, movies awards, talk shows, etc.) take place.

Real-time is the key. Lightstreamer is the most advanced and smartest solution to develop and enrich a more interactive world. Stay focused on great content and interactions between users and let Lightstreamer solve all the complexities of exchanging real-time data over the Web.
Make Your Apps Truly Interactive
Real-Time Bi-Directional Data Streaming
Push live updates, second screen contents, and chat messages to and from any desktop, mobile, or tablet devices, even through the nastiest proxies and firewalls.
Cost-Effective Infrastructure and Bandwidth Requirements
Reduce infrastructure and bandwidth costs in servicing any size and kind of online platforms.
Scalable Up to Millions of Concurrent Users
Lightstreamer can help any platform supporting a higher number of users, while simplifying and optimizing the data transmission architecture. Data streams can be resampled on the fly, to cope with poor connectivity issues.
A Broad Set of Client APIs
Including HTML, JavaScript, Flash, Silverlight, iOS, Android, WinPhone, BlackBerry, Unity, Flex, Silverlight, Java, and more.
Who Can Benefit From Lightstreamer?
Second Screen Platforms
Increase user engagement allowing television viewers to discuss during live events (e.g., sport matches, reality shows, big events, etc.) through multi-device chat systems.
News and Contents Producers
Distribute large scale personalized news and notifications in real time to any web pages or mobile application. Push synchronized information to mobile/tablets (e.g., for insights, live polls, clap-o-meters, featured comments, live statistics, etc.) during movies, TV shows, and live events.
Increase viewers' attention by 48% (source: Time Warner Media Lab) with synchronized advertising on different screens simultaneously. Enhance commercials by syncing traditional TV ads with second screens, delivering personalized contents, and driving social activities.
Collaboration Platforms and Social Networks
Online expert question and answer websites, crowdsourcing platforms, social networks, and online learning platform can be empowered by real-time data to develop and enrich a more interactive world.
Multimedia Home Platforms, Smart TVs, and Connected TV Apps
Lightstreamer can reach Smart TV channels and apps and enhance them with real-time data. Send and receive data to/from any individual viewer on the fly.
Case Studies rolled out a set of innovative Lightstreamer-powered second screen applications. mobile and tablet apps allow up to four friends to talk, get live statistics, and a text commentary while watching sports events on TV.

"Lightstreamer is an extraordinary tool that has been easily and successfully integrated in a short time within TOK second screen technology," said Fabrizio Capobianco,'s Founder and CEO. "It offered excellent performance on data delivery, and it concretely proved to scale efficiently both on tests and production."
Rai, one of the most important communication firms in Europe, integrated the Lightstreamer technology in the SocialTV platform. Lightstreamer is currently used to push users’ messages and editors’ featured contents to all concurrent users on the web and on native Android/iOS apps.

This Social TV platform went live to support Sanremo, a popular music competition for unreleased Italian songs. During the show, the audience has been able to discuss the performances and receive texts, videos on-demand, “behind the scenes” footage, and real-time interviews with singers and artists.

"We have chosen Lightstreamer for our Social TV platform, and it proved to be truly valuable," said Espedito Longo, Project Manager at Rai.Net. We managed to integrate the technology both for iOS and Android in a short time, and we are also currently planning to integrate it in Multimedia Home Platforms and Connected TVs."