Seamlessly stream real-time data to apps, ensuring complete reliability and peace of mind.
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Optimized data streaming for web and mobile.
Lightstreamer enables several forms of real-time messaging. It is flexible enough to be used in any scenario, including mission critical applications.
Real-time Data Push and WebSockets
In-App Messaging and Push Notifications
Pub-sub with fan-out broadcasting and one-to-one messaging
Firewall and proxy friendly
Adaptive bandwidth throttling
Easy development.
1.Download and install Lightstreamer Server (cloud or on premises)
2.Develop your server-side adapters (containing your custom logic)
3.Include and use the provided libs in your client applications
You are ready to send real-time data back and forth. Lightstreamer is a server that routes real-time messages, using standard web protocols, to any browser-based, mobile, and desktop application.
Use Lightstreamer as your universal messaging solution. Or complement your existing message broker with the Internet streaming capabilities of Lightstreamer for real-time message delivery beyond your firewalls.
In addition, Lightstreamer JMS Extender offers out-of-the-box compatibility with any third-party JMS broker. And MQTT.Cool extends the IoT into the web with no effort!
Fast, very fast.
Performance counts. With Lightstreamer you can scale to millions of connections, reduce latency and save on bandwidth.
Massively scalable
Minimal bandwidth usage
Low-latency data delivery
Perfect even on unreliable mobile networks
Totally cross-platform.
Whatever platforms, technologies and frameworks you use, Lightstreamer will fit in seamlessly.
The server runs on any platform (Linux, Windows, and more)
Deploy in the cloud, on-premises, or go for SaaS
Server API for Java, .NET, Node.js, Python, JMS, and MQTT
Client API for JavaScript, iOS, Android, .NET, and many more
Works with any existing browser
Full peace of mind.
A long history of success is a key aspect to consider when choosing a software solution, to avert future headaches.
Proven track record (for real)
Used by Fortune 500 enterprises as well as startups
Continuously improved for many years
Outstanding support team
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